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A garage door keeps your car in the garage and intruders out of the garage — but it's so much more than a sheet of metal or wood! Modern garage doors typically feature insulated panels to improve energy-efficiency. They can be coordinated with smart home systems for easy operation, and they come in an array of fun colors. We urge you to take your time when shopping for a garage door. Fully weight your options, and take time to learn about them, too. That learning can actually begin right here on this blog, which is dedicated to the very topic of garage doors.


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Reasons Your Garage Door Won't Close

There is nothing as frustrating as a garage door that won't close all the way. Unfortunately, these scenarios happen when you are in a rush. And since you can't leave your garage door open, you'll have to call a garage door repair expert to correct the issue. But why do garage doors fail to close? Read on to find out.

Broken or Worn Out Springs 

Torsion springs are a major part of your garage door system. Without these springs, your garage door opener would have difficulty closing or opening the garage door. So, if you have been having trouble closing your garage door, your springs might be responsible. As such, you must check if the torsion springs are worn out, broken, or have gaps. Call your local technician to repair or replace the springs if that's the case.


Obstacles along your garage door's path can cause it not to close. In such cases, the door will close to a certain point and reverse itself. So, note where the door reverses and check for obstacles such as dirt, rocks, toys, or debris. If you spot any obstacle, get rid of it and try closing the garage door once more. Try cleaning the tracks to remove debris and dirt buildup before calling garage door repair services.

The Garage Disconnect Switch Is Activated

A minor mistake may prevent your garage door from closing. However, that doesn't mean your garage door is faulty. So, before you contact a garage door repair expert, confirm you aren't missing anything. Start by checking whether the garage disconnect switch is enabled. 

Someone might have pulled the red cord by mistake, which is why your garage door isn't responding. Once the switch has been activated, the garage door disconnects from the opener, meaning you'll have to operate it manually. Deactivating the switch should solve the problem.

Faulty Opener

The opener controls the closing and opening of your garage door. As such, it would be impossible for a malfunctioning opener to close your garage door. So, if you have ruled out all the other possibilities, have the technician check if your opener has any issues. 

Your technician will check all the mechanical parts to ensure they are working. Luckily, the technician can fix most opener problems. But if it turns out that the opener is damaged beyond repair, you'll have to replace it.

Other possible reasons include

  • Dirty sensors
  • Error in limit settings
  • Misaligned roller tracks
  • Obstructed or misaligned photo-eye sensors
  • The remote signal isn't going through
  • Dead transmitter batteries

For more info, contact garage door services today.