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A garage door keeps your car in the garage and intruders out of the garage — but it's so much more than a sheet of metal or wood! Modern garage doors typically feature insulated panels to improve energy-efficiency. They can be coordinated with smart home systems for easy operation, and they come in an array of fun colors. We urge you to take your time when shopping for a garage door. Fully weight your options, and take time to learn about them, too. That learning can actually begin right here on this blog, which is dedicated to the very topic of garage doors.


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Ideas To Help You Choose The Right Garage Door To Install

Sometimes, garage doors were out beyond repair, and it might be time to have new doors installed. There are several styles of doors to choose from and many different reasons to consider installing a new one. 

Garage Door Styles

The style of the garage door you have installed will depend on your home's architecture, color scheme, and your personal preference.

Some things about garage door styles to keep in mind include the following:

  • Roller-style doors: Roll up into their own compartment when not needed. Most commonly made out of metal but sometimes wood.
  • Sectional doors: Lift up as a single panel. Made out of metal or wood.
  • Belt-driven vs. screw-driven: Belt-driven garage doors are quieter and more durable than screw-driven ones (which tend to jam).

These are some garage door styles that you might want to have installed in your home. 

Budget and Material

You want materials that are durable and affordable when it comes to your garage door. Therefore, you should consider the different options and choose a garage door material that fits your budget. Materials like vinyl and metal will be the most affordable options, while custom wood garage doors can be a little more expensive. It might be worth spending more on materials like metal or wood. These materials are more durable, and they will give you a garage door that lasts for years. 

Insulation and Noise Control

Insulation and noise control are other factors to consider when choosing a garage door to have installed. If there are a lot of noises coming from outside your home, then this can be problematic. However, if you have an insulated steel garage door installed on your home, then this will help reduce any outside noise pollution while improving the efficiency of your home.

Curb Appeal

The way your new garage door adds to your home's curb appeal is also important. A great-looking garage door can add value to your home — especially if you're selling your house soon. A poorly maintained garage door can detract from the overall look of your property, so be sure that you take to keep up with maintenance. This is especially true with wood doors, which will need to be painted every few years. 

It is also easier to install one than you may think. Call a garage door installation service for help choosing and installing a new door for your home. 

Reach out to a local supplier for more info about new garage doors.