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A garage door keeps your car in the garage and intruders out of the garage — but it's so much more than a sheet of metal or wood! Modern garage doors typically feature insulated panels to improve energy-efficiency. They can be coordinated with smart home systems for easy operation, and they come in an array of fun colors. We urge you to take your time when shopping for a garage door. Fully weight your options, and take time to learn about them, too. That learning can actually begin right here on this blog, which is dedicated to the very topic of garage doors.


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Commercial Garage Doors: All You Need to Know

One of the most important investments for any business with a garage is a set of reliable commercial garage doors. Not only do they protect your valuable assets and equipment, but they also provide ease when it comes to loading and unloading. In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about commercial garage doors, including the different types, their features, and how to maintain them in great condition.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors:

There are a variety of commercial garage doors on the market today. The most common types include sectional, rolling, and sheet-style. Sectional doors have panel sections that are connected to each other by hinges and move along tracks. Rolling doors, as the name suggests, roll up into a coil above the door, while sheet-style doors are made of a single sheet of steel or aluminum. The type of garage door suitable for your company will depend on your business needs, amount of usage, and the size of the door opening.

Features of Commercial Garage Doors:

It is important to consider various features when selecting the right commercial garage door. The first feature to consider is insulation. Insulated garage doors help regulate the temperature of the garage, making the working environment more comfortable. Secondly, durability should be prioritized. Commercial garage doors need to withstand wear and tear over time, making the quality of materials used just as important as the brand. Lastly, security features should be considered. You may want to opt for a door with added security features, such as rolling code technology or a wireless keypad to regulate access to your garage.

Maintenance of Commercial Garage Doors:

Generally speaking, commercial garage doors require minimal maintenance. However, when selecting a door for your business, it's important to carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations regarding maintenance. Routine maintenance includes checking all components, such as the door springs, tracks, and rollers. Make sure the door is lubricated and the tracks are free from any debris. It is always best to have professionals carry out maintenance and repairs, as DIY projects could lead to accidents and injuries.

Benefits of Commercial Garage Doors:

Commercial garage doors provide numerous benefits that make them worth the investment. The first benefit is the convenience that comes with them. Whether you are loading or unloading inventory or needing to access your tools and machinery, commercial garage doors make it easy to do so. Additionally, commercial garage doors are energy-efficient, keeping the air inside the garage and helping with temperature regulation and overall utility costs. Lastly, security is a top priority for most businesses. Commercial garage doors offer the security you need to protect your valuable business assets and deter any potential break-ins.

For more information on commercial garage doors, contact a professional near you.