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The Importance Of Color When Choosing A Commercial Garage Door

Any business that is equipped with an indoor garage or warehouse space understands the importance of a commercial garage door. The garage door is responsible not only for allowing access to the indoor space, but it is also responsible for preventing unlawful entry.

Many factors must be taken into consideration when investing in a new commercial garage door. One important factor that business owners have a tendency to overlook is color.

The color of the garage door you select for your commercial space can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and function of the door over time. Learn more about the connection between performance and color before you select a new garage door for your commercial building.

Color Helps Determine Energy Efficiency

Energy use is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. The more energy your commercial building uses, the higher your monthly utility bills will be. The color of the garage door that you choose to install can have a direct impact on energy use.

Dark colors can absorb as much as 85% of the sun's heat on a regular basis. Light colors only absorb between 20% and 30% of the sun's heat.

This means that if you choose to install a dark-colored garage door, your HVAC system may have to work harder to maintain a cool interior during the summer months. Going with a white garage door will prevent heat absorption from affecting your commercial building's interior temperature.

If you really want a dark garage door, you should ensure that the door is equipped with steel-backed insulation to help prevent heat transfer.

Color Affects Cleanliness

A commercial garage door can become quite dirty over time. This is especially true if your building is located in a dusty area, or if your work activities contribute to a dusty environment.

A dirty garage door can cause your commercial building to look run-down and unkempt. Customers may let this dirty appearance affect their opinion of your company and the products or services you provide.

The color of the garage door you choose to install will determine how often you have to manually clean the door to maintain your building's aesthetic.

A white or black garage door isn't the best choice if dirt exposure is a concern, as both colors tend to highlight dust and debris rather than camouflage it. A beige, gray, or brown door will be able to mask everyday dust with ease.

Color Impacts Curb Appeal

Curb appeal isn't something that applies only to residential properties. In fact, the curb appeal of your commercial building is directly correlated to your company's sales over time.

A recent study showed that up to 70% of first-time sales were made based on curb appeal. Choosing a garage door that detracts from the overall aesthetic of your commercial building could negatively impact curb appeal, which could compromise your company's ability to attract new customers.

Be sure that you evaluate the existing color palette and architectural features of your building's exterior before selecting a new garage door.

The color of the door that you choose for your commercial garage should blend seamlessly with the existing exterior to preserve or enhance your company's curb appeal over time.

Don't underestimate the important role color will play in the performance and function of your commercial garage door. Color should be considered along with durability, style, and function to single out the best garage door.

You want to select a door whose color will match your building's exterior, bolster the energy efficiency of your commercial space, and make it easier to keep your building's exterior clean over time.