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A garage door keeps your car in the garage and intruders out of the garage — but it's so much more than a sheet of metal or wood! Modern garage doors typically feature insulated panels to improve energy-efficiency. They can be coordinated with smart home systems for easy operation, and they come in an array of fun colors. We urge you to take your time when shopping for a garage door. Fully weight your options, and take time to learn about them, too. That learning can actually begin right here on this blog, which is dedicated to the very topic of garage doors.


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What Type of Garage Door Material Is Right for You?

If you're planning on replacing a garage door in the near future, you'll have a lot of options at your disposal. One of the biggest choices you'll make is deciding what material you would like to use for your garage door installation.

Regardless of which path you take, you'll need to take into account three factors: budget, needs, and aesthetics. As you consider the options below, try to strike the right balance between these different components.


While most people think of metal garage doors as being ideal for commercial buildings, metal garage door installations are popping up in homes all over America, primarily because of their durability. They can be painted and given different textures to complete the look that you're desiring, and it can also be installed with a layer of insulation for more energy efficiency. If you're wanting a garage door installation that will truly stand the test of time, consider metal.


For decades, homeowners have relied on wooden garage doors. They're generally less expensive than other materials, and the natural finish creates a very inviting atmosphere. Even if you don't want to go with wood, you should also consider wooden composite doors, since they include higher density layers and can be custom-fitted to match the exact look that you want.


Usually the least expensive option, fiberglass garage doors don't dent or crack nearly as much as other materials. That doesn't mean they're bulletproof; in fact, fiberglass doors tend to break easier upon impact. To protect against this, they're usually given a metal frame and filled with insulation to protect against damage. Note that they will most likely need to be replaced sooner than other materials on this list.


Next to metal, a vinyl door is one of the most durable options you can find. They look almost identical to fiberglass doors, but require less maintenance and can withstand more casual damage from people or the elements. While vinyl garage doors may be more expensive initially, they make up for it over time with lower maintenance and repair costs. Usually, all that's required to clean the outside of a vinyl garage door is a hose, a little bit of soap, and some elbow grease.

If you've wanted to upgrade and take advantage of the latest in technology or a storm has recently rolled through and damaged your existing door, it's time to get a new garage door. Contact local contractors to learn more.