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A garage door keeps your car in the garage and intruders out of the garage — but it's so much more than a sheet of metal or wood! Modern garage doors typically feature insulated panels to improve energy-efficiency. They can be coordinated with smart home systems for easy operation, and they come in an array of fun colors. We urge you to take your time when shopping for a garage door. Fully weight your options, and take time to learn about them, too. That learning can actually begin right here on this blog, which is dedicated to the very topic of garage doors.


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Garage Door Repair: 4 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Your garage door consists of numerous electrical and mechanical parts. Due to the repeated opening and closing, these components suffer wear and tear over time, necessitating repair services.

Note that a garage door repair requires more than DIY skills. When handled by someone without the required training, this is a task that can result in life-threatening injuries. That's why you should always work with a repair technician. To that end, below are the signs that it's time for garage door repairs.

1. Opening and Closing Issues

You have reason to worry if your garage door isn't opening or closing as it should. That's because it can slam down when least expected, causing severe injuries. With this in mind, it's prudent to call in a garage door repair expert whenever the door doesn't open or close properly.     

Remember that something as simple as changing garage door remote batteries can be all it takes to fix the problem. But if this doesn't work, you need to have a professional examine the door for serious issues such as broken torsion springs or loose cables.

2. Broken Panels

A broken garage door panel is not only unappealing but also exposes your household to security risks. What's more, the open space makes conditioned air escape to the outside, increasing your energy costs since your HVAC unit will work overtime. Don't forget that the opening can widen if overlooked, explaining why you should have the problem addressed immediately.

3. Weird Noise

Garage doors produce some sound when opening or closing, but this doesn't mean that you should overlook alarming noises. Paying attention to the sound can offer a clue about the source of the problem. For example, a rumbling or grating noise suggests that there's something wrong with the springs. Likewise, squealing sounds tell you that the garage door railings, torsion springs, or hinges are wearing out. Consulting with a professional will help pinpoint what's causing the weird noise.

4. Sagging

Sure, most garage doors tend to sag with time. Even so, if yours seems to sag excessively, it's advisable to have it examined by a professional. Failure to do so means that the door might get out of balance, leading to closing and opening problems. There's no doubt that a sagging garage door will also expose your home to pests and other threats.

Your garage door is an investment that's supposed to remain in good condition. The above information will help you tell when to contact a reputable garage door repair expert.